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Button Nose Kidz Plush Character Doll - Baby Button


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Button Nose Kidz Plush Character Doll - Baby Button

Baby Button is the oldest character, giving her a tendency to "mother" the others and feel responsible for their safety.* But she’s best known and liked for her upbeat and friendly personality, positive attitude, and time management skills – as the elected head cheerleader she practices and performs with her squad after choreographing the routines and scheduling tournaments with their teacher-sponsor. She dreams of opening and running her own business and understands that to make that happen she can't let her social life, including cheerleading, interfere with putting her best efforts into completing her education.                                                     *"Baby” Sitters House Rules Active Book: Big Sister Baby takes the safety of her family so seriously that she added safety checker to the family chores list and put her own name in every square. She asks readers to help find dangers inside her house, and a few outside as well. The safety violations in each room are then described and explained on the last pages.

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