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Ready-Set-Read! Dual Language Cardz

     Button Nose Kidz “Ready-Set-Read” Dual                       Language Cardz supplement structured educational activities, not               replace them. A unique and innovative combination of environmental          print, dual language education, and child-led learning theories*, the               Cardz help children progress through the “letters make words”                connection, realize that the same letters can make different words,                    then use that knowledge to figure out new words. In two (2) languages.            Each set includes 25 Cardz with the name of a place or thing typically             found in a home along with 55 double-sided adhesive squares,             instructions, research links, and a simple phonetic pronunciation key.

      *Numerous child development and literacy studies indicate that environmental exposure and independent experimentation are as essential to acquiring reading, writing, and spelling skills as focused instruction; ie. exposing naturally curious children to words in their real-life context to explore and ponder on their own when the right mood hits can accelerate progressing from understanding what reading is and how it works to deducing new words using sound/letter patterns in known words. Research also supports dual language education as an effective approach to developing language literacy in English and another language, while proficiency in more than one language is a valuable skill to be cultivated in and out of the school setting if only because “early bilingualism has been found to aid memory, problem-solving, decision-making and other brain functions." /2011/may/08/local/la-me-bilingual-20110508.