501c3 Non-Profit Entities


   Tax exempt schools, preschools, daycares, afterschool programs, parent associations, community groups, libraries, and any other NFP club or organization that directly participates in or supports educational activities may purchase Ready-Set-Read! Dual Language Cardz at the discounted price of $10.65.  

     Discount code will be provided immediately following verification of status with IRS. Request determination of status and/or discount code* by email to hilaryricks@thebuttonnosekidz.com; please include name and address of business, website, main office telephone number, and name, position, & direct email address of requesting party.                                

     *Code is changed regularly but verification is only required with first order.

Learn & Earn Fundraising

    Instead of popcorn, trash bags, and wrapping paper, raise funds selling Button Nose Kidz Ready-Set-Read! Dual Language Cardz through our Learn and Earn program:    

  • Open to all tax exempt “501c3” entities      
  • Requires initial purchase of 10 or more sets of “In the Classroom” Cardz at NFP price of $10.65                     
  • Sell “Around the House” and “In the Classroom” Cardz at retail price of $12.99                                                
  • Turn in 1 to 100 orders to earn $3.51 per set after purchase at L&E price of $9.48     
  • Turn in 101 to 250 orders to earn $4.29 per set after purchase at L&E price of $8.70                       
  • Turn in 251 or more orders to earn $5.19 per set after purchase at L&E price of $7.80                                    
  • Quantity discount prices will apply to entire order                    
  • Must pay shipping and sales tax as may be required by State of register
  • For more information about Learn & Earn, and/or to set up a Learn & Earn drive, please send email to hilaryricks@thebuttonnosekidz.com with NFP's name, address, and website (if any), along with the name, position, and direct email address of the requesting party or other contact person(s)